Vice President Sales - Debeukelaer Corporation 1986 - 1990



  DeBeukelaer Corporation


Pirouline Rolled Wafers
Pirouluxe Rolled Wafers


Duo Flow Pack
Horica Tray Pack



National Sales Manager, Director of Marketing - Morris National, Inc.  1990 - 2000


Destrooper & Olivier Belgian Butters


Belgian Butters

Decoritive Tins



  Cavendish & Harvey

Candy in Tins, 9 Varieties

Festival Bagged Cookies





Delacre Mono Pack Shelf Items

Decorative Tin Assortments



  Duc d'O Chocolatier


"Ballotin" Box

Decorative Tin Assortment

Ballotin Shipper - Floor Display























































































































Hans Freitag


Bagged Cookie Assortments

Small Boxed Assortments


Large Boxed Assortments




Double Chocolate Crisps

Chocolate Crisp Decorative Tin

Ginger Snaps - Shelf Pack






Boxed Mono packs and Assortments

Decorative Tin Assortments





Boxed Chocolate Seashells

Boxed Chocolate Assortment

Shipper - Floor Display



  McKeever & Danlee Confections


Hard Candy Tins

Boxed All-Sorts

Hard Candy Glass Jar



  Veryspecial Chocolates


Liquor Filled Chocolates in Crates

Grand Assortment Boxed Chocolates


Liquor Filled Chocolate Bar Counter Display

Window Box Chocolates

Truffle Flow Pack


Bouchee  Boxed Chocolates Floor Display Shipper


Director of Sales & Marketing - Voortman Cookies/Traditional Baking 2001-2003


 Voortman Cookies



Voortman Roll Packs

Voortman Family Packs

Floor Displays and Cut Cases

Sugar Wafers




 Traditional Baking


In Store Bakery Everyday Trays

In Store Bakery Holiday Trays

Club Store Multi-Packs

Roll Pack Shelf Packs


Sugar Wafers Shelf Pack
Single Serve Food Service Pack