08/1990 to 07/2000


National Sales Manager & Director of Marketing

Morris National, Inc.

Manufacturer/Importer Confectionery, Cookies, Specialty Foods

Position Background:  This North American confectionery/biscuit importer and manufacturer was my Canadian importer for the Debeukelaer product line.  Joined the company as the national accounts/eastern regional sales manager to expand distribution of  imported European lines, and form the sales and marketing operation of a new west coast confectionery plant.  Imported lines consisted mainly of major European biscuit brands while the domestic confectionery operation consisted of three lines producing specialty chocolate and hard candy products.

Market Strategy/Brand Management: Responsible for developing and implementing marketing strategy to achieve revenue goals for US Division of this North American confectionery and cookie manufacturer/importer.  Directed the introduction and managed the sales growth of 13 confection and cookie brands (200+ SKUs).  Gained  shelf presence in 15,000 retail outlets in national retail market.  Drive the product development/acquisition process in manufacturing and importing setting.  Position each brand for the selling environments, merchandising needs, and consumer profiles unique to each major retail classes of trade; i.e., grocery, mass merchandisers, drug, and department store market segments.

Business Development/Sales Management: Organized and managed the sales team, consisting of 4 regional managers and 30 sales reps, and directed their efforts to achieve brand revenue goals.  Maintained direct account responsibility for national accounts, and national private label programs.  Created the ongoing promotional programs, sales material, and merchandising vehicles required to support sales objectives for each brand, in each class of trade, in each geographic market.  Formed a marketing development/support department to generate promotional and sales material support, and guide new product development process from product/packaging design, to national launch.

Marketing Communications:  Streamlined marketing communications platform for dissemination of sales information and literature, inventory and order status data, and to gain increased customer feedback.  This system integrated telecom, data, fax, and Internet e-commerce functions to reduce time, and cost, to market for promotional program impact and new product launches.

P&L Responsibility:  Established P/L budget and monitoring system to ensure revenue, cost control, and profit objectives are met.  Form interdepartmental project teams to drive executive directives and marketing strategy. Report directly to the CEO, and am integral part of senior management team.